SAHC provides a dedicated service for the maintenance of air conditioners and their plants. This includes the regular cleaning of filters, condenser and evaporator coils, along with the testing and replacement of faulty components. We also have a crew which attends to emergency breakdowns.

SAHC is able to assist with the commissioning and commencement of any new installations, plant surveys and up-grades to specialised plants. While we are able to offer this service as and when required, we encourage all our customers to partner with us in the long term, and have service contracts. This ensures that all equipment is serviced at regular intervals, to ensure optimal performance, in turn reducing expensive repairs and electricity consumed. A long term partnership also means that we have an in-depth understanding of your air conditioning needs and are able to offer solutions as and when the marketplace and technology allows.

Due to our focus on efficient delivery and service, SAHC has implemented cutting edge technology to ensure that we respond quickly and decisively to our clients' needs. Contract service scheduling is done using a sophisticated software system which keeps track of servicing and upgrading requirements for each installation. This means that we always have a complete service history available to us at all times.

Our mission

We are committed to providing excellent and cost effective maintenance service to all our clients and partners.
We are committed to be transparent in in all our business undertakings ensuring integrity runs through everything we do.

Hot Water Heating Finance

SA Heating and Cooling are able to offer custom finance products. Making hot water heaters more accessible to more people.

Strategic Partnerships

By combining the logistics and strength of Climatron and Airco, along with all the technical knowledge within the businesses, SAHC has a strong diversified service offering.